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Community Rights PDX had its founding meeting on January 24, 2012. We plan to spend the next few months pulling as diverse a group of Portlanders into our group as we possibly can before we decide on the topic of our community rights ordinance. We meet every week. To join the working group, we suggest that you take a 2.5 hour Community Rights workshop or the 2 day intensive Community Rights workshop. To locate a workshop or to sign up for the group, please send an email to Lisa Millet at <>.

Paul Cienfuegos is leading 2.5 hour introductory workshops every week in Portland, in support of our local group. You can check out his schedule HERE.

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Why Do Corporations Have More Rights Than You Do

Why do we fail at:

Universal Health Care
Renewable Energy Development
Bold Climate Change Response
End to Foreign Invasions
Labor Rights in the Workplace
Stopping Home Foreclosures and many, many more symptoms

The Occupy Movement has generated amazing energy. Yet the history of popular uprisings has shown us that we have to do something completely new.

Join the 140+ communities in six NE states that are building the Community Rights Movement.
They have passed local laws that end corporate "rights" & enshrine COMMUNITY RIGHTS!
Join with others to learn more about this exciting movement! Paul Cienfeugos is leading a 2.5 hour workshop each week in Portland starting February 22, 2012 Through April, 2012 - see schedule below. To get involved take a workshop and check out Paul's website, blog, and other work.

Local Contact:

Sign up for blog posts at
Call or email 503.233.1166
Friend at
Public workspace online:
There may only be a brief window to convert street level momentum into organized rights-legislating movements in each of our local communities.

Orientation Workshop Schedule[edit]

These 2.5 hour Orientation workshops teach us the long history of corporate constitutional "rights", the problems of conventional single issue activism and why it isn't working, and the unique strategy of Community Rights.

Dates for upcoming Orientation workshops (free, donations gladly accepted)
March 8, 2-4:30 at Portland State Office Building, room 1C @ 800 NE Oregon St. Portland
March 14, 2-4:30 PM
March 22, 7-9:30 PM
March 29, 7-9:30 PM
April 10, 2-4:30 PM
April 19, 7-9:30 PM @ St. Francis, SE 12th and Oak
April 25, 2-4:30 PM @ St. Francis, SE 12th and Oak
May 2, 7-9:30 PM @ St. Francis, SE 12th and Oak
Paul Cienfuegos offers 2 day workshops (register at
June 9th and 10th, register and details at

Members of our local PDX group are invited to start building this page out, and adding sub-pages. Go team!

Community Rights PDX Group Meeting Schedule[edit]

If you have already attended a Community Rights Orientation workshop and are familiar with this unique strategy and paradigm shift, please join us as we develop our campaign here in Portland.
Upcoming Community Rights Portland Meetings, 2012
Wednesday PM meetings located at Legacy Emanual Hospital, Entrance at N Vancouver and N Stanton St.
Thursday midday meetings located at the Portland State Office Building, 800 NE Oregon St. See below for rooms.
Date Time Location - locations will be updated
2/15/2012 6:30 pm Legacy room 1035
2/23/2012 12:00 pm Rm 1D Portland State Office Building
2/29/2012 6:30 pm Legacy
3/8/2012 12:00 pm Rm 1D PSOB
3/14/2012 6:30 pm Legacy
3/22/2012 12:00 pm Rm 1C PSOB
3/28/2012 6:30 pm Legacy
4/5/2012 12:00 pm Rm 715 PSOB
4/11/2012 6:30 pm Legacy
4/19/2012 12:00 pm Rm 1D PSOB
4/25/2012 6:30 pm Legacy Rm 1075
5/3/2012 12:00 pm Room 1C PSOB
5/9/2012 6:30 pm Legacy Rm 1075
5/17/2012 12:00 pm Rm 715 PSOB
5/23/2012 6:30 pm Legacy MOB2 West
5/31/2012 12:00 pm Rm 221 PSOB
6/6/2012 6:30 pm Legacy MOB2 West
6/14/2012 12:00 pm Rm 1B PSOB
6/20/2012 6:30 pm Legacy 1075
6/28/2012 12:00 pm Rm 1B PSOB

February 15, 2012 LMillet From Yahoo group CRPDX calendar


Portland Community Rights MINUTES February 23, 2012[edit]

In Attendance-Cyd, Kenny, Tom, Susan, Daniel, Deborah, SaraHope, Mary, Pat, Jeff, (later) Paul
12:15 Susan-Group Centering Meditation
12:19 Intro/Check-In
Deborah-very intense 5 days w/old friend, bring back to “child-self”, blessed, this work feels like a birth--not easy but acknowledge grappling is important
Dan-feel same place as last week, still feels “on the fence,” hard to keep an open mind, wants to be involved in community outreach but has strong feelings about what society needs
Mary-news makes me happy-NY State Supreme Court ruling upholding municipal fracking ban, also Chicago news of teacher action
Jeff-went to AFSME about new TransPacific Trade Agreement, very depressing
Cyd-noticing people sharing about themselves, others giving announcements, thinks trust-building best served by sharing about themselves--Cyd attended “Heart of Now” …”container of acceptance” still emotionally raw. Announcement: important to look at how we frame ourselves, our “vision”
SaraHope-how these check-ins are for building community, getting to know each other, not valued in our culture as much as it needs to be. On personal level, completely reorganizing how I relate to the world, from the inside out, not throwing away the value I feel for this work
Pat-also attended MTA meeting over weekend; very concerned about making sure we know what our goals are, feels similar to Tom: strongly needs to know the direction we’re heading
Temp-check: include “goals” discussion in today’s agenda: 7 hands up, 1 down
Tom-CELDF goal is to have Constitution rewrite via a convention or major amendment(s): are we supportive of this?
Susan-not sure where to begin; very difficult; grateful to be facilitator; grateful for SaraHope’s guidance. Story: was in beautiful place in Estacada, stepped in bear scat, friend pointed out claw markings in trees…this connection meant a lot to me [Kenny editorializing: my abbreviated recording of this wonderfully humorous story leaves much to be desired…] This story was by way of bringing the subject of nature (rights of nature) into our discussion circle.
12:37 Agenda items: Practicing/dyad/outreach
Temp-check: Do we want to move up “vision” discussion in today’s agenda
SaraHope & Susan feel it’s important that Paul be a part of “name”/vision discussion

Brief exchange re. EtherPad/GoogleDocs merits or not

Tom-our goal informs every other aspect of our meeting/work, dyads, “elevator speech” practice,
Mary-Cyd’s work around “vision” very helpful
Cyd-take about 35 minutes to work through a vision statement?
SaraHope-have concerns about developing a vision statement now--wants to bring in more diverse representation before we work on our vision statement; folks feel ownership if they’re at the table at the inception; inclusivity
Mary-Meaning of “vision” “goals” semantics; reminded us of Miguel’s advice to not feel “guilty” about moving forward, even if we’re all white at this time
Cyd-feels very important that we’re inclusive, but important to discuss vision now and leave it open for revision when we are more diverse. If we present a vision when we engage in outreach, we let people know clearly what we’re about, and it lets them know that we are organized
SaraHope gave brief reminder/demo of hand signals
SaraHope-having a living document as vision statement gives a comfort level going forward
Cyd-Vision is about values. Process: we’ll spend approx. 7 minutes giving stream-of-consciousness list of values; generate proposal(s) for a vision statement that includes the values brainstormed; then discuss changes to proposals; adopt process to check back to see whether our work supports our vision
Pat-does vision include “community rights”?
Cyd-Community rights is more about mission; vision is the umbrella under which we do our work
Susan-Who would like to go thru Cyd’s drill/process to create vision?
Cyd-temp checks are not voting; we need explanation from folks who feels strongly about agenda proposals
Pat-Vision statements are too nebulous and vague to help me know where our group is going. Are we going to pursue CELDF’s goals or not? I have urgent need to know so I can decide whether to commit to this group.
Daniel-We’re here for community rights, as understood by the various CELDF municipality actions--which is pretty radical stuff. I also need, like Pat, to know what work/goals we’re about
Cyd-I did bring this up at the 4th meeting, which I thought was crucial, but caution putting cart before the horse--deciding on goals without establishing our values first. Also don’t be too concerned about state/federal repercussions--let’s get democracy at the local level
Mary-how many minutes will vision process take?
Kenny-agree strongly with Mary & Cyd; feel that Portland enacting a CELDF-type amendment is a worthy goal in itself; don’t try to extrapolate too far down the road, as far as what will happen at the state/federal level (US Constitution rewrite, Amendments, etc)
Jeff-often people end up fighting over tactics; better to focus on needs and feelings
Cyd-conducting vision drill:
Values brainstorming:
fairness, needs precede wants, equality, citizen sovereignty, power equivalence, sustainability, needs of many > needs of few, human/local scale, rights of nature to thrive, we the people, nonviolence, compassion, cooperation, respect, distributed power, honesty, inclusivity, critical thinking, acceptance, limiting dominance, transparency, no one gets squashed, accountability, bold risk-taking, willingness to change, agency, community, holding one’s opinions lightly, flexibility, self-actualizing, kindness, shared ownership, consensus, horizontal, justice, interdependence
Cyd-Mission is “how”; Vision is “what” Which of these in our brainstormed list are “how” (mission)? and which words/phrases are “what” (vision)?
Forming the Picture
1 or 2 people act as “tuners” and consolidate these values into one vision statement. Take a few minutes to write. Preferably one sentence.
1:45 Reconvene. Presentation of vision statement proposals
-Power to the people and nature.
-In my ideal community, all individuals receive equal opportunities and protection. Citizens shall form and reform government to meet their needs; no corporate elite will trump the needs of citizens.
-We the people of the greater Portland community are seeking to reestablish citizen sovereignty and economic justice through local self-governance.
Mary-human race has arrogant opinion of itself, and I would like our vision statement to include something to the effect that people are a part of rather than apart from nature.
-To create a community of citizen sovereigns focused on local sustainability and limiting elite domination.
-The community rights movement envisions communities of people exercising their right to self-governance by the values of power equivalence, transparency, flexibility, inclusivity, and social justice.
-Participating in an inclusive, transparent system that promotes [insert values] and supports the rights of nature.
-We the people are exercising our inherent right to govern ourselves locally.
2:01 Cyd-take the rest of our meeting to consolidate now into 1 statement or table that task for later?
Table it: unanimous.
Susan-other agenda items
SaraHope-our bank account. We have one. With some funds deposited. We need more signatores. Proposal to use some money to print flyers for Feb 29 rally.
Proposal to have Paul, Brian, and a few others to design/spend up to our bank account balance to purchase flyers for rally. Passed unanimously.
SaraHope-rally starts at 11am, propose we meet at waterfront under Burnside bridge (closest to river) to get flyers for distribution. SaraHope will email this announcement
2:20pm Susan wants to choose facilitator for next week’s meeting. SaraHope proposes Susan facilitate, because we completely got off agenda. Unanimous agreement.
Also agreement to have Cyd facilitate the following Thursday meeting. Paul reminded us that we want to take turns facilitating.
Agenda ideas: continue with visioning process that we started today, and then move on with developing mission statement
Cyd-possibility of generating several mission proposals to then follow up with at future meeting(s)
Deborah concerned that Pat & Tom’s very strong concerns did not really get addressed today
Clarification from Cyd: Desired order for group process: 1)Vision, then 2)Mission, then 3)Aims/Goals
SaraHope feels that Goals should be first, that once we have Mission Statement, it potentially excludes a more diverse membership
Goals and Missions. We have different ideas about what these words mean; semantics; agreement to bring in various definitions of these words to next meeting
2:33pm Meeting adjourned
Next Wed night’s meeting: Rm 1075 Emanuel Hosp
Collaborate on and make agenda proposals online at the EtherPad